Our Story

In December 2016, we decided to immigrate to Ireland for so many reasons. Although we left our beloved home country, we have never forgotten our culture and traditions, especially traditional foods and drinks.

We are very happy to see that the Malaysian community is growing so fast as compared to when we arrived. Many Malaysians here miss their homeland, especially traditional foods such as Keropok Lekor. Therefore, we decided to produce and serve our Keropok Lekor Abeng to our friends and neighbours. Unexpectedly, we got great support and huge numbers of orders surpassed our expectations. Later, we decided to register as a company and create a bigger market. We sell it all over Ireland at present. It makes me proud to offer you the Keropok Lekor Abeng as the original recipe came from Kelantan where my father’s birth place.


"Keropok akak memang sedap...sy sebagai org terengganu approve as one of the best keropok"

- Fariha Reza

"Kak, semua keropok dah sampai petang td alhamdulillah and saya dah goreng dah keropok Memang sedap seperti diiklankan. In shaa Allah kalau ada rezeki saya ada order lagi"

- Lynn